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I am not good about describing myself, but here it goes. If you would like to contact me, please click Here to do so.


I have many interests and there is never enough time to cover them all. I like comedies and science and the mix of the two. I also like Quantum Physics and the imagination it takes to believe in things that are not always there. Just having the mindset to see what you are around even if you do not completely understand it is the ability to see past the common reality and is something special.


As for my hobbies well not too much, I like knitting and photography though I am not that good at either I do try at them. They both relax me and help to open my mind to new possibilities. Just little things can be simply wonderful and bring meaning to a person’s life.

Web Stuff

Web stuff to me can be a true art. Anyone can design a webpage or a website but doing it where it can be displayed correctly on most types of devices and browsers is a bit more difficult. Having good coding practices is the first step and then using your imagination to fill in the gaps helps too. Just creating a menu system for a site that will work without modification and error on both mobile devices and desktops can be trying but can be done in HTML coding.


I really like taking pictures and would like to do it more than I do. Photography is something I know I will never be great at but hopefully will be able to be better than strictly amateur status. Still have a way to go but I do enjoy taking pictures when I have my camera with me.


Writing is something most people do not think about much anymore. Everything is either a movie or on TV, but all that stuff came from someone first setting down and writing it. I find writing to be an outlet for feelings and emotions as well to let people learn about you or different things. More and more people are writing today without really realizing it in blogs, status’, and in any type of text-based messaging. It is the story telling I like about writing.