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Occasionally I find myself creating different graphical items, mostly images or modifying images, but on rare occasion I will need something a bit different. I’ve designed a few fonts over the years and though I don’t create one often when I do I like to see it used by people. So, here is the first font I’ve created in a long time and I’m making it free to download and use for both Personal and Commercial Use. The version here is Version 2 of the font and is in the Open Font Type format (.oft) that should be compatible for use with both Windows and MAC systems as well as other operating systems and software that support this type of font format.

If your system will not see or allow you to load an .oft font file, try changing the extension to .ttf. Most fonts used that are tagged .ttf for True Type Font are OFT fonts just with the .ttf extension. This was a change made to fonts many years ago in conjunction with Adobe and Microsoft to allow for greater compatibility between the fonts used on the different Operating Systems of computers and devices. I hope to eventually place at least a few more fonts here in the future, but never know how that’s going to go for me.

Amputee Type V2 Font

Alright here is the Amputee Type Font created by me, an amputee. This font was created since I was asked by a few people in the Facebook amputee communities to create image of letters and words using prosthetics to form the letters. Since becoming an amputee June of 2017, I’ve tried to help at least some in the amputee communities on Facebook. Sometimes with success and sometimes not so much. Below is an image of the Amputee Type V2 Font in color. Note: With some software and on some systems the full color font might not be supported so the font has a mono-color or single-color font imbedded well. Below the image of the font is a download link for the Personal Use version of the font. I’m releasing this font with an Open Font License (OFL) standard using the SIL OFL EULA. Enjoy and share.

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Amputee Type V2 Font Files ( File List

Amputee_Type.tff – True Type Font file
Amputee_Type.woff – Web Open Font Format
Amputee_Type.woff2 – Web Open Font Format 2.0
EULA-Amputee_Type.txt – EULA for Amputee Type Font.