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Photos & Photography

Photography has become more prevalent these days with everyone able to take pictures with their phones and post them instantly to social media. But, myself I like the more artistic approach to it in many ways. Having something to someone as a subject of the photograph or photographs. Finding the right lighting and just having some fun taking the pictures.

Photo Editing

Photo editing, adjusting or correcting small things in a picture once it has been taken is also something that can be interesting. Now days, there are ways to add edits into the picture before it is even taken using mobile devices and phones. It is the small touch-ups I’m talking about. The things that can make a good photograph into a great one with just a little effort. Removing a blemish or adjust skin tone for the lighting, the little things that don’t change the picture but do.

My Views

My like for photography is that moment you can capture a view, a scene, or a moment in time forever and share it with family, friends, or anyone who might like to see it. Finding that way to show the beauty you see in something or someone so everyone else can see it too. It can truly be an art form and is considered one.