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Looking Again

Here I go looking again,
a life’s search without end.
I don’t know what I’m hoping to find
or if I’ll know it if I do.

The joy and pain becomes one after time,
life heals the wounds but the scars remain.
This thing that I search for both day and night,
could it be inside me or just out of sight.

I get to the point where I don’t know,
then something changes and life goes on.
This thing I’ve looked for so long,
and time keeps passing right along.

I hope I know when I find this thing,
I hope it doesn’t send me off searching again.
But this thing whatever it is,
has sent me to places where I’ve found friends.

So maybe it’s not a thing I’ve been searching for,
maybe it’s just friends whom I care for.
Life has taught me many a thing,
times have tried me and will again.

But the friends I’ve found along the way,
Make my life worth the stay.
So as I continue along the way,
I thank my friends and hope they stay.