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Watching Angel

A long time ago before time was thought of, there lived an angel that wore is tasks. He wasn't passed and he wasn't lost, but this angel did as he was asked. Task after task, this angel did as he was told. He'd been to most all of creation through his time following the will and mission of the plan that was laid out. Never wondering where or what to do, following the path that was his to follow.

Many times, this angel was asked to watch over the souls of man, and many times this angel did his job protecting the people he was sent to watch. Sometimes it was good, and he was able to help, but sometimes it wasn’t, and he could just stand by. This angel did his job no matter what, following the plan that was his path. Never wondering or questioning his tasks, this angel followed orders as he was told.

There were times he did wonder about the souls he watched, but all in all he knew free will was in play. He saw the people give love and joy, he saw the people hurt and maim. He saw these people he was sent to watch, do both the most wonderful things and the most hideous acts. And all this time this angel spent, never wondering why he was sent.

Then one day he was sent to watch this strange little person and knew not why. The person was in no danger from himself or others, this person he was watching seemed to be safe. He watched and watched, day after day, this strange little person doing nothing. As an angel he did watch this person though, never falling from his task at hand.

The person seemed kind and friendly, never not offering a hand to anyone. This person, who had a heart of gold, he watched over for anything bad. Day after day, month after month and year after year, he kept watch just waiting to overt anything an angel could.

Then one day while he was watching this person sitting alone, he noticed something, something that was wrong. This person sat there crying, and the angel did not know why, crying for nothing did not seem right. So, this angel came down closer, to take a better look. But still he could find nothing, nothing that could be wrong.

So, bending a rule, this angel appeared to this person, the person he was to watch. He appeared fist in a haze and got clearer to this person looking in wonder. He asked the person he'd been watch all this time, why are you crying what could be wrong?

Ever so slightly looking up at the angel the person did answer, slowly and graceful. Look at what all I've done, never trying to hurt anyone. This life I've led, doing my best to live by what I believe. Always doing to others as I'd like done to me. Look at my life and what do you see?

So, the angel thought a moment and then replied. I've watched you for all your time, a mistake here and there but never crossing the line. Doing what in your heart you believed to be right, no person could ever do any more. Always trying to pass along a smile, brighten a day for someone who was down. So why are you crying, I still don't understand, you've lived a good life and should be proud.

Still crying the person answered back. It's not what I've done or not that makes me cry now. It's not that I haven't been happy or felt the sun, I've had friends and done my best but that's not why I'm crying.

Then why are you crying so sadly, why is it you're so sad?

Well angel I'll tell you so maybe you'll understand. I'm crying because I have no one to share my life. My hopes and dreams that kept me alive, without someone to share them with, well it's just not life. Wanting and hoping for someone to come along, someone to share in my life's long road. Just another person to tell my days to, just a person who cares about my day. Someone whom when I awake, will be as glad to see me as I am them.

The angel looking into the soul of this person looked down, and a tear started to run down. With that the angel simply said to this person he'd watched for such a long time, “I understand.”